Onsite Recruitment Solutions

We have been working on high volume contracts across the West Midlands for over 16 years and have acquired a solid understanding of Onsite Recruitment Solutions. As a result, we don’t believe in simply filling your number requirements, we are fully committed to applying our knowledge to increase your staff efficiency and decrease your costs.

Although our Onsite Recruitment Solutions are always focused and tailored specifically to your business needs and workforce requirements, a few factors apply throughout:

  • All stages of the recruitment process are professionally handled through a single contact
  • Real cost savings are made
  • We support best practice and oppose tax avoidance schemes
  • 100% compliance and efficiency levels consistently achieved
  • You will see increased performance and decreased attrition
Our Onsite service delivery includes:
Where required, Onsite team provided at no extra cost: account manager / account coordinator & payroll coordinator
24/7 cover
Our account manager is included in your production/
operations meetings – so we are able to plan and
prepare for any increases, decreases in staffing levels.
Work to agreed KPIs
Meetings with the local job centers in order to capture any government incentives for staff training etc
1 invoice
2nd tier agreements when needed
In house payroll
Reduced permanent recruitment fees
Flexible/workable T&Cs
Aim to reduce attrition and cut overtime
We believe in becoming an integrated part of the HR team, this way all company processes are mirrored
Advertise professionality to promote the business and the roles

If you’re looking for a recruitment agency to provide a full range of Onsite Recruitment Solutions please do not hesitate to contact us here.