Warehouse workers

The rising demand for Warehouse workers

As demand for warehousing space increases apace, so does the demand for warehouse workers. Whilst demand still rises massively in the lead up to Christmas, it’s not simply a seasonal issue with warehouse workers being sought all year round.

E-Commerce driving demand

With the rise of e-commerce over the last 15 – 20 years and competition between retailers growing ever fiercer, the need for warehouse space and workers has grown too. Indeed, the boom in online sales has affected the whole logistics industry with shortages amongst qualified drivers too.

One of the main drivers behind the need for more warehouse space has been the requirement for wholesalers to ship their goods in bulk to a store for resale, and even though this isn’t a new phenomenon, when it’s added to the dramatic increase in e-commerce sales, warehouse space is now at a premium.

Location, location, location

As a result many logistics firms have sought to find suitable locations for new and bigger warehouses. However, available land space is becoming more and more scarce, and because of this the majority of builders choose to build up instead of out. Increasing their warehouse space by constructing taller buildings, in place of warehouses that cover more land.

A number of recent warehouse constructions have been for structures with a ceiling clearance between 28-36 feet, with a small amount of the warehouses built with a clearance of 36-40 feet.

The Midlands

The Midlands, with its central location and comprehensive transport links, has long been a prime area for logistics companies to invest in. As a result, demand for warehouse workers has been high for some time and shows no sign of letting up anytime soon.

At Owen Payne we work with some the regions biggest players in the warehouse sector and are always looking to source staff for the workforce. Whilst work can be physically demanding it can also be rewarding and offer opportunities for career advancement in the future.

At a time when many industries are facing uncertain times, logistics and warehousing appears to be on an upward curve. After all, it’s unlikely that we will see a significant downturn in online shopping just yet.

Looking for work?

There’s no doubt that technology will definitely have an increasing impact on the industry in the coming years, but there will always be a need for warehouse workers.

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