Returning To The Workplace

Over the next few weeks, the majority of people working from home or on furlough, will be gradually returning to the workplace. In a bid to get back to some form of normality, employers have a responsibility to ensure in depth risk assessments, new safety procedures and hygiene practices are a top priority.  We recognise this can be a daunting time for many returning to the workplace, we have therefore devised some tips to help prepare you for the ‘new normal’.

Review the Risk Assessment

Every employer will be required to carry out an additonal risk assessment in relation to COVID 19.  A good way to prepare you for your return is to ask for a copy of this before you get back into the workplace.  A risk assessment should illustrate the risks that have been identified and how they have been combated. This should help you prepare for any new changes in the workplace before your return.

Follow Company Procedures

As a result of new risk assessments, there will most likely be new procedures in place.  Ensure to follow these procedures as required and this should naturally minimise the risks associated with COVID 19 with minimal effort.

Have Patience

For the majority of employers new procedures in place mean there is going to be an initial adjustment period.  Have patience with your employer and other colleagues whilst you all become comfortable with the new way of working together.

Keep Washing Your hands

Washing/sanitising your hands on a regular basis is a given and probably mentioned several times in any new company procedures! The simple act of washing your hands more regularly can help cut the risk, especially upon entering/leaving the workplace, before eating and handling paperwork.

Be Aware Of Covid Symptoms

It’s important to keep close attention to your symptoms when you are not feeling well.  More than ever it is crucial that if you show any symptoms that are consistent with the virus, that you are honest with your employer.  By working together and following company and government procedures associated risks can be mitigated.

Understand It’s Normal To Be Nervous

The first day back is going to seem a little strange after all this time.  With spending the majority of time at home over the past few months it is normal to feel nervous or apprehensive about going back to the workplace.  If you are feeling especially anxious, speak with your employer as there may be measures, such as a staged return, that can be put into place to help ease you back into the new normal.

By respecting procedures in place, government guidelines and others we work with, we can all help support each other to keep the workplace safe for all.