Reasons why taking a temporary position might be your best option

Reasons why taking a temporary position might be your best option

For many people the idea of taking a temporary position might not be something they would initially consider. However, the employment landscape has shifted beyond recognition in recent years and temporary or contract/project employment has become extremely popular with recruiters and jobseekers alike.

The benefits to both are easy to identify. For companies who don’t want to necessarily take on a full time member of staff, employing someone with the ready-made skills they need makes perfect economic sense, for the individual there are new skills and experiences to be had as well as the knowledge that there is always the possibility of a permanent position.

But, these aren’t the only benefits to the temporary worker –

Short-Term Commitment

Perhaps you’re not entirely sure which career path to take next, in which case temporary work will afford you insight into a variety of jobs that you might otherwise never gain. It also enables you to explore your options by using your different skills to determine what career you wish to pursue. These days taking temporary or short-term position don’t reflect badly on your CV as businesses and recruiters understand the benefits they offer.


Perhaps it might suit you to readjust other areas of your life. Temporary assignments offer you the flexibility to devote time to other important areas of your life such as family or other interests. Stay-at-home parents discover temporary employment satisfies the need to stay current in their field and still be there for the children. It might even afford you the flexibility to be at home during school holidays, expensive times in terms of childcare. Generally speaking, you can enjoy a great deal more freedom, not only in your daily duties but also in holidays, careers breaks and working hours.


Changing roles and project frequently helps to keep your working life fresh and exciting. It will also give you the benefit of experiencing a variety of challenges as well as working with a variety of different people, whilst managing to neatly sidestep the majority of workplace politics. Constantly facing different challenges means additional experience for you and more experience to add to your CV.


If a permanent role comes up – What better interview than being able to show your abilities day in day out? Building relationships and understanding of the business places you right at the forefront if a permanent role comes up. You’ll also know whether it suits you too, having had the opportunity to experience the company first hand.

You do have rights

It’s a common misconception that temporary workers have no employment rights. With the rise in temporary positions, workers actually have more rights than ever, as well as many benefits. Sickness and holiday pay are now a legal requirement as well as a right to expect the same working conditions as the permanent employees, right down to salary after an ongoing contract of 12 weeks.

So, there’s never been a better time to explore all the options in front of you when looking for a new role. Just because you’ve had permanent positions in the past doesn’t mean, that at a time when nothing is guaranteed, it’s always going to be the best o