Preparing for a Video Interview

With the pandemic in full force, remote video calls through media services such as Zoom are becoming the new normal. With that in mind, during the current climate a lot of companies are choosing to carry out interviews via video call.  Below are our top tips to ensure you are set for success with your next remote interview.

Get your set up right

Before anything else, make sure you have a quiet, well-lit area to hold the video call from.  This should preferably have a neutral background i.e. a lightly coloured wall behind you.  Make sure your device, whether it be a computer, tablet or phone, is set down on a flat surface or in a secure holder.

Testing the technicalities

Ensure that you have all the facilities required for the video call and that these are in all working order.  It’s important for the camera to be suitably positioned so you can clearly see at least your face and shoulders. Don’t zoom the camera or sit right in front of it, as interviewers will take body language into consideration! Take time to make sure that your internet signal is sufficient enough for a clear video call and your speakers, microphone etc. are switched on to the right volume settings.

Dress to impress

Although you may be conducting the video call from the comfort of your own home, it’s important to look the part. So whatever is on view via your camera is on show to your interviewers! Dress as you would if you were attending the interview at the company’s premises. Not only will this give a good first impression but it will also encourage a professional mind-set.

Body Language

As previously mentioned body language is taken into consideration by interviewers. So speak clearly and show you are listening when they are speaking.  It’s also doesn’t hurt to use hand gestures were appropriate to positively engage with the interviewers.

Have your CV to hand

As you would take to an interview, ensure you have a fresh copy of your CV to hand. Be prepared by having your CV readily available to access, i.e. on the desk in front of you in case any queries arise. It’s also a good idea to prepare questions before the interview, so you don’t forget to ask anything you wish to find out more information about, whether it be the role or the company itself.

Practice makes perfect

Practice really does make perfect. Take some time before the interview to prepare and have a mock trial run with a friend or family member. Perhaps think of answers to generic questions, such as your work history or plans for your future career, to get you into the right mind-set before the real thing!