Know what your job is

Know what your job is!

It may seem a silly question, but do you actually know what your job is? Often situations arise through a desperate need for someone to come into a business and hit the ground running, with training taking place on the job itself.

Doing your best work

To be completely in control of your destiny and be able to perform well as an employee you need to know what your job is. Knowing exactly what is expected of you is essential in order to be able to work well and meet requirements.

In order to help you to know what your job is, the following steps may help you to focus on your tasks –

  • Review your job description – Look at your job description and identify the key objectives and priorities within it. Find out what training is available for the role and ensure that you attend appropriate training so that you learn as much as possible about what you need to know.
  • Understand your company’s strategy and culture – It is important to remember that your job exists for a reason and you should try and relate back as to why and how your job feeds into the overall objective or strategy. The culture within an organisation comes from its own, historically developed values, rights and wrongs, and things that it considers to be important. Understanding this helps you to ensure that your actions reinforce the company’s culture, or at least do not go against it.
  • Look at the top achievers and find out the secrets of their success – Whether inside or outside of your organisation you can learn a lot from others who do the same or similar job to you. Find out how they work, and what they do to generate success. Look at what they do, and learn from them. Understand what skills make them successful, and learn those skills.
  • Confirm your job priorities with your boss – Although you might be able to now be clearer about what your role exactly is, it’s good to be able to confirm that you’re on the right track with your boss too. Agreeing what constitutes a good performance and ensuring that any relevant training resources are in place is key for success.
  • Take action – Having everything in place means that there’s nothing to stop you now. You should now know what you have to do to be successful in your job. You should have a good idea of the most important things that you have to do, and also the least important.

In any job you know that circumstances evolve from time and time and you have to be ready to roll with the changes. It’s always key to understand the critical points of your job and agree with your manager what constitutes success.

At Owen Payne we work to ensure that you know what your job is. From the moment you contact us or call into one of our branches you will be greeted by our friendly, trained and experienced consultants who are there to listen to your requirements, appraise your skill set and offer the very best advice possible in order to find you employment.