Future of Recruitment

What does the future hold for recruitment?

If only we could look into the future. 10 years ago would anyone have been able to predict where we are now, in any industry or sector? For recruitment the crux of it all lies within the intrinsic relationship between recruiter and candidate.

As with everything else technology is at the heart of what will happen in the future and it’s impossible to underestimate the role that such advancements will play in recruitment. Over the last decade we already saw this happen when online job applications initially started to become popular, seen as a supplement to the face-to-face interview and physical CV.

Will the CV become obsolete?

It’s thought that over time the CV will be replaced by the continually improving representations of an individual’s skills that are completely digital. In the very near future, tools which use social media and other data, will help give someone a broad insight into an individual’s life, and could well be the main method of screening candidates. A person’s digital profile can provide more information than the traditional methods of assessing candidates.

Not too long ago, a CV was a piece of paper, but today, it is a collection of a variety of data that can be found online including a candidate’s participation in online communities and interactions. By looking at this information, a recruiter could easily determine if a candidate has the correct skills for a job. Phone interviews have also almost been completely replaced with video interviews.

At the moment most video interviews are recorded as one way, so the recruiter can view it in their own time. But it is expected that two-way video interviews will become the norm in the not so distant future.

New opportunities for all

People entering the job market in the coming years, will most definitely have different expectations about the recruitment process than the past generations. In order to be efficient, new and future candidates must be engaged in different, new ways. This is especially true in regard to passive candidates, as the norm is no longer a number of applicants jumping on a new opportunity when it’s posted. In the future it will be ever more important for recruiters to be proactive in sourcing and finding candidates.

High quality analytic tools have already been added to customer data in order to help businesses make better strategic decisions. A hiring tool which is cloud based will allow hiring managers and recruiters to find, organise and evaluate the top candidates affordably and easily.

Although the points in this blog by no means address all of the developments to be expected in recruitment, they highlight the way in which the approach of recruiters and candidates is likely to be very different. The whole interaction process between individuals will likely see different time scales being applied to campaigns as faster ways of sourcing candidates are utilised. The future for recruitment will depend heavily on the sector moving with the times and technology, embracing new opportunities as they arise.