Find your perfect job on your phone

Find the perfect job on your phone

It’s easy to forget the power that exists within your pocket on your mobile phone. Indeed, should it even be called a phone at all? Making calls is just one of its applications and one which possibly is amongst the least used of its many features for some.

Just the touch of a button can release a vast array of information, more than we could ever possibly have time to absorb, and the ability to put almost every facet of our lives in order!

Job seeking on your mobile

You can even make life-changing decisions on your phone. Huge numbers of jobseekers now use their mobile phones to find their next job, with convenience, as with most things nowadays, cited as the most important reason. The fact is that now it’s possible to find your next career move almost anywhere, in a waiting room, on public transport or relaxing in the park on your lunch hour to name but a few.

The benefits

In many cases you don’t even have to actively look for a job anymore; they just come to you! The rise of applications such as LinkedIn has almost made the CV obsolete, with important connections and decisions being made over the Internet.

Additionally, job seeking on your mobile means that the process is just greatly simplified, more relaxing and pleasant. Because you can do so during downtime, you don’t have to even allocate specific time to look for work, instead you can make the most of time that might otherwise be unproductive.

Don’t think that this trend has been lost on recruiters either. Many agencies have tailored the way they work to accommodate mobile job seekers. At Owen Payne our website is responsive to all electronic means of accessing it, allowing quick and easy interaction with our regularly updated jobs board in a way that makes it easy to read, navigate and respond.

Maintaining important old values

The old saying suggests that ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’ and we certainly believe that’s true in recruitment. Whilst we are committed to move with the times and embrace new advancements, we still value the importance of personal interaction. It’s great to make sure that people can access important information easily and that notice of new opportunities spreads far and wide. But, you only ever get a true reflection on someone from meeting them face-to-face and having a proper conversation. Personal communication skills remain as essential as ever to career advancement and securing that dream job. So, make sure your interview technique is polished and as up to date as the jobs feed on your mobile!