Create your own system for your Internet job search

Create your own system for your Internet job search

Searching for a job has become something of a technical process in recent years. Long gone is the trawl through page upon page of adverts in the local newspaper, replaced like most things in modern day Britain by a far sleeker, faster process online.

However, the ease offered by the Internet can also create its own problems. Being able to easily tailor CVs, covering letters and email certainly makes the process much easier. But, it also makes it easier to make a mistake. How do you feel if for that all-important application, you leave some detail pertaining to a different application on your documentation, only realising after you hit send?

For all the ease the Internet offers it’s certainly worth creating your own job application system, particularly if you’re looking at a range of opportunities. You don’t want to have tracked down the perfect job, only to have your hopes dashed by a simple avoidable mistake.

Some basic tips

Save your applications – Although you should be tailor each application specifically for the job you’re interested in, there will be sections that you can re-use or borrow from to fit each resume you put together. In the main though, your cover letter or CV should address the relevant skills and experience required by each job.

Email tips – If you do begin to apply for jobs by email it’s worth setting your email account to save sent email. You should also BCC yourself when sending an application using this route. You never know when you may need to refer back to what you sent or check back on the time and date you sent something.

Save copies for each position – Create employer specific folders for documents you send out. This can tricky if you have to fill out an online application form on the employers’ website but you can still use a word document to spell check any passages of text you plan to submit prior to entering it. You should also set up a spreadsheet to keep track of when applications were sent and any responses you receive back. Even if you were unsuccessful in your application you might still be able to note down comments that might help you with future attempts.

Maintain focus

Developing a job search system will enable you to focus fully on the task in hand and help you remain less stressed throughout the process. So far we’ve centred on your approach to the personal information you’ll be submitting for an application. But, it’s also worth taking a systematic approach to the search itself.

Locating the right job can be a dizzying experience in itself; sometimes meaning the search can be as difficult as ultimately landing the job.

Try to seek out specific sites that specialise in the employment sector you’re most interested in, thereby narrowing your search and seeking opportunities that fit in best with your skills, interests and experience.

Enlist some expert help

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a job search veteran or a rookie looking to land your first big move, it’s useful to have some expert assistance. Here at Owen Payne we have years of experience in matching the right roles to the right people and we’d be more than happy to help you take your next step on the recruitment ladder.