Modern Slavery Statement

Being an organisation which supplies a vast number of workers to companies across the West Midlands, modern slavery and human trafficking is recognised as a high risk factor to our organisation. We are therefore proactive in ensuring our compliance with relevant legislation and that all staff are equipped to practice our company procedures and processes competently.

We ensure that our supply chains are monitored closely for any characteristics associated with the exploitation of individuals and encourage reports from all, concerning any suspicious behaviour in regards to modern slavery and human trafficking. We uphold our legal responsibility to ensure that the identity of the workers we supply is verified and that they have the right to work before being supplied to our clients.

All Owen Payne staff members are fully trained on key legislation (Modern Slavery Act 2015) and are competent in mitigating the risks associated with modern slavery and human trafficking. We highly value the welfare of our staff, clients, our local community and we practice due diligence and mindfulness throughout all of our recruitment processes.
All staff are trained to report any concerns of exploitation to our HR Department in which we will not hesitate as an organisation to formally report any behaviour that raises our suspicion. As an organisation we are confident that with our procedures in place, rigorous training and commitment to enforce key legislation, we are able to fully support The Modern Slavery Act 2015.