Keeping productive through the lockdown…

As we are entering our 9th week into the lockdown, we are slipping out of our usual routines, watching more TV than usual and can barely tell the difference between a Monday morning and a Friday afternoon anymore.  Below are some tips on how to remain productive, and use this time to do things you will thank yourself for once life begins to resume back to normal.

  • Rekindle those New Year’s Resolutions

Did you make any new year’s resolutions on January 1st? Have you stuck to them? There is a high probability that those resolutions are long in the past, so why not use this time to get them back on track?  Whether it be to be more psychically active, learn a new language or just to make more memories, there are plenty of resources still available to us in our homes, especially with the online world bringing us more availability and support than everUse your time wisely, finish that Couch 2 5K you stopped doing the first week of the year and give learning Spanish a try, you will never have as much time as you do now to focus on your resolutions!

  • Take advantage of Free Online Training

With a huge proportion of the UK either out of work or on furlough at the moment, what better way to use your time but to upskill.  There are many training providers offering insane reductions for online courses at the moment, even better there are even some providers offering free training courses for all!  One of the best examples of this is Open Learn through Open University who are offering free courses from History and the Arts to Money and Business. Take this opportunity to focus on something that will help your professional development and aid to your general knowledge and skills.

  • Updating your CV, PDP’s and Professional Network Platforms

Leading on from free online training, why stop there? This is also the perfect chance for you to update your CV and Professional Development Plans (PDP’s).  Normal life generally gets in the way of us updating our CV’s, and our PDP’s are often left in the background until it’s too late and then we end up scattily rushing to update these.  Use this time to update these to a professional and eye catching standard, if you’re really feeling inspired, why not also update your professional networking sites with any new or improved skills you have gained.

  • Write that Post Lockdown List

We are all missing certain things from our old routine more than ever, a productive way to combat this is giving yourself something to look forward to by writing a post lockdown list.  Spending most of our time in our homes has given us all the opportunity to reflect on our normal, often busy routines and focus on the more important things in life.  Make a list of the things you want to develop and achieve once we get through the lock down, whether it be to travel, go for meal somewhere you’ve always wanted to try or even just spend more time with family, it’s good to keep looking forward and treasuring the time we have to come.

We would like to take this opportunity to send our well wishes and our thoughts to all of our clients, workers and community during this Covid 19 crisis, and are here to help in any which we can during this tough time.